Barbara Nussdorfer-Eblen


I was born in Zurich , Switzerland in the early 1950’s to American parents. When we returned to the States we lived on Lake Michigan till I was 6 then we settled outside of Philadelphia in Middletown township.

Many summers my family traveled south to stay with friends in Western North Carolina. My experiences in this region defined my sensibility towards a relaxed and slightly romantic view of nature. After college I moved South to be in the mountains.

I married Gary Eblen from Frankfort, Kentucky and we raised a family in Hendersonville, near where I used to visit as a child. 

Growing up in the Northeast I spent much of my free time going to museums to see art. I experimented with painting, rode horses, played field hockey and learned about growing vegetables.

I went to Wykeham Rise, a small arts oriented high school in Connecticut, explored several art forms and developed an appreciation for the work ethic of the artist. My focus in college was painting and printmaking.

I enjoy traveling, seeing interesting places and great art.

My art work is representational, from nature and the imagination.

Inside View


*Clairmont Kitchen View


Capitoline Museum, Rome

At home under the Silver Moon